Due Process Game & Click For Detailed Review **2021 New Post

Due Process is an upcoming multiplayer tactical first person shooter video game, developed by American company Giant Enemy Crab, which is set to be launched on consoles in early 2021 and released for Early Access on October 20, 2021. Annapurna Interactive will handle all the game’s features, including storyline, objectives, and overall concept. A mysterious “evil mastermind” is behind the events leading up to the game’s release, which is why the player becomes tasked to find out who and why he is targeting humanity and stopping the “Calamity.”


The game’s story is relatively simple. A group of U.S. soldiers were sent to protect humanity from an impending biological attack that is wiping out all life on Earth. The soldiers were supposed to execute a ground operation and get into the center of the biological labs to defend them from the attack. However, due process robots appeared out of nowhere and started invading the area. Various types of combat are engaged and finally the last line of defense, the UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), were able to hold off the invaders.

Due Process is being developed by Annapurna Interactive, a team of veterans of the Halfbrick Studios. Annapurna’s previous games have been hit or miss with regard to graphics and overall quality, but they did manage to create an entertaining game with interesting characters. This is the first project by the new company, so we will see if they can deliver on their promises.

For the player’s part, the game progresses through several different stages. Each stage is a repeatable mission, giving players the chance to repeat each level if they feel like replaying them. Likewise, you are not forced to go through the same content over again. Each level will also contain multiple objectives for you to complete before moving to the next one.

There are also some obstacles that you will need to overcome while going through the various stages of due process. These include the electric fence surrounding the lab, spikes placed in various areas, and others. Defeating these obstacles allows you to progress to the next level, making them more challenging. They can also unlock some other items for you to use in your laboratory.

The controls for this game are simple and intuitive. It is definitely a step up from other similar apps. The sounds and visuals are engaging and lively. You will be hard-pressed not to be entertained by what Annapurna Interactive has packaged into Due Process. I can only hope that they can create even more exciting games in the future.

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