Incoherent Game & Click For Detailed Review **2021 New Post

In a recent debate about intelligent design versus religion, one of the arguments brought up was the “coherent game theory.” The Coherent Game Theory suggests that because life is a bit complicated and hard to understand, God must have used some kind of machine to lay down the rules of how to create life. This theory has been around for a long time, but there are some flaws in it that need to be corrected. Let’s take a look at what some of these flaws are.


The first flaw that I will point out is that the theory itself doesn’t tell you much about the format in which the games are played. In other words, it doesn’t tell you which games the God may have designed. The argument goes on to say that if it can be proved that such games exist then it could be possible that God may have played them. However, people who believe in God have pointed out that it would be impossible for you to know that such a game existed without knowing the format in which it is played.

Another flaw is that there is no scientific evidence that shows that the format of the games matches the real world, or even matches at all. You could argue that in order to match the real world you would need to have access to every detail, and we know that God doesn’t give us that kind of detail. If you think about this for a moment it actually makes the incoherent game theory a little more believable. You could say that if God did create the incoherent game theory then he must have done so with a machine.

Some other arguments suggest that the incoherent game idea came from the religious left. There is a famous quote that has been used by many people to support their belief in God: “If the only thing known by man that cannot fail is the machine that God has created, then every human being is a candidate for the prize.” There are problems with this quote that make it look silly even by today’s standards. Firstly the quote is absurd on its face because who would ever expect that something that simple could fail?

The second problem is that no-one can ever know the answer to the question whether God created the game or not. This seems like a very silly argument, since every single one of us has an opinion on this topic. To someone who believes in God and in a fixed universe there is absolutely no question as to whether God created the game or not. Theists have this idea that God creates the universe to test our faith and that He will bring back a person to earth and witness the game.

An incoherent game theory does have a certain charm though. Most people who use it will claim that it does not have a place in the modern day because it is too ridiculous. However if you look closely at the history of science and religion, you will see that both of these theories have a place in the modern day. Theists have used Einstein’s theory of relativity and geocentrism as well as quantum mechanics and mysticism to support their beliefs.

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