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Theater enthusiasts are not the only ones who appreciate a good sequel of a successful movie. Some people also enjoy the idea of having a sequel to something they already enjoyed. So, why not turn what was once a cult film into a sequel? This is a fun and easy way to make sure your family gets to experience another installment of The Perfect Score. In fact, this concept has even been used as the basis for many animated movies and TV series today.


Castlevania: The Stricken Kingdom is a prequel to the hit game of the same title. It picks up right where the last game left off, as your character, Joseph, returns to fight an evil boss who threatens to destroy the world. You help him defeat his enemies and save the world one step at a time as you move from location to location. The entire game is done in first person perspective, so you can really feel and see what it’s like to be involved in the events that take place within the game.

While The Stricken Kingdom is definitely better when compared to the older games in the series, it still doesn’t reach the same level as the later games. For one thing, the graphics are not as detailed and realistic. Characters look stiff and lifeless, even some of the actors are over-acted. However, all these points are minor when put next to the overall game play. Playing as Joseph, you’ll enjoy the story, action, music and sounds as well as the gripping story line and fast paced game play.

As a hidden object puzzle game, there are hundreds upon hundreds of items you need to find and collect in order to finish the levels. Some of the items are locked behind doors but some can be found around the environment. There are also several mini-games and puzzles to be solved while playing The Stricken Kingdom, such as the ‘digging’ game, which is perfect for fans of that style of game.

The game also introduces a few new elements to the gaming world. First off is the ability to shift freely through the environments, rather than having to land on a platform to move. This allows you to move freely without any of the obstacles that limit the player’s movement in the earlier games. For example, in the cave section you won’t have to run through narrow passageways and also won’t have to worry about bumping into a wall to progress through the tunnels.

Overall, The Stricken Kingdom is not a remake of the earlier games in the series, but it is in a different genre. It is not a port of the older DOS game but it does follow the same gameplay and story line. That being said, it is a fun game to play, and would be a worthy replacement to the classic Super Mario or Zelda titles.

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