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Simon Games  is an electronic puzzle game invented by Ralph H. Baer, with the software Simon Games  creating a sequence of lights and tones which is used in conjunction with the human Simon Games  mind to solve the puzzle. It was created as a reaction to the time-honored game called Simon and the Metronome, in which the player would place their fingers on a little lever and watch the shapes it makes to turn the numbers into different shapes. In contrast to Simon and the Metronome, Simon utilizes the principle of ‘brainwave entrainment.’ Because this means using a sound generator to access the electroencephalogram frequency of the user’s brain, the puzzle can be solved without the player’s full awareness of the arrangement of the lights and sounds.

It is very much like solving a jigsaw puzzle but instead of putting the pieces together to make a picture, Simon asks you to think of them in relation to one another and the colors they make. Like the jigsaw puzzles, Simon will often disappear and reappear, changing shapes and locations without advance warning, and so it is vital that you keep track of where you stand in relation to all the other players. When you are finally defeated, Simon will ask you to make a guess as to where he is and what color he might be.

Simon has several possible outcomes when you play the Simon Game. You can view them on the Simon Board, which is located in the room you first see him in, or in the monitor. Every time you match a color to a shape, Simon will make that shape bigger or smaller and change its color. You can even choose to make Simon give you a clue as to the answer by matching a shape to a number, such as a number four. If you are correct, then a congratulations message will appear; if you are incorrect, a new mystery will be revealed.

Simon has been a worldwide phenomenon and the Simon Fun Pack includes over 100 puzzles covering all areas of math including quadratic, cubic, logarithm, exponential, Sine wave, gamma, quadratic equation and logarithm. There is also Simon Games for all the popular game formats, including Freecell, Flash, Java, and many more! There is also Simon Games for children and adults.

Some of the most popular television shows, movies and video games feature the Simon Game. One interesting fact about Simon is that he was the very first ever contestant on the American version of’Dancing with the Stars’ and second to last in the competition. Simon caught everybody’s attention right away because he did a Simon move, which involved a Simon balloon, and did a Simon spade, which involved Simon digging. Simon is also featured in the animated movie adaptation of the Simon game as well as the video game adaptation.

The Simon game is now available for download on a number of websites. If you want to know more about this exciting new puzzle game, or if you are looking for fun facts and background information about it, then you can find it in numerous places on the internet. You should also check out my other articles where I have written about Simon and his Puzzle Game counterpart, Rabi Rama. These two games are very different but still manage to have the same appeal and enjoyment to those who play them!

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