Thug Life Game & Click For Detailed Review **2021 New Post

The Bodyguard is a new online video game developed byquadrant studios. Developed as a follow up to the hit PSP title Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, The Bodyguard Game promises to be more of the same with its blend of classic role-playing elements combined with the popularity of video games. It’s set in New York and follows the story of two unlikely heroes who find themselves smack in the middle of an interesting crime case. The heroine is tasked with protecting a famous designer from the wrath of organized crime boss Combo. Meanwhile, the bad guy is after one of the latest weapons systems designed to be undetectable to the police.

thug life game

The story begins when two detectives are sent to investigate a murder. Upon arrival they find that the victim has been brutally murdered. A gun, body armor, and even money are missing. With no clues as to who might have done it, the cops set out to find out who committed the crime. However, a mysterious stranger contacts them, claiming to be the one behind the crime. With his help the two detectives track down the real suspect and the game starts.

The Bodyguard features two different characters. One of these is Tommy gunning down bad guys in some stylish and memorable ways. The second is Thug, who happens to be the game’s hero and has the unique job of protecting the city he works for. Together they try to bring down the bad guys and protect the city from them. This storyline turns out to be what makes this game so special, not only because of its strong plot but also because of the interesting characters you come across throughout it.

You have Tommy gunning down criminals in some traditional shoot em up fashion, using a machine gun. Then there’s Thug who gets his start by protecting the helpless civilians around him from an onslaught of cannibals. The two heroes continue their chase throughout the game, taking on different targets and using various gadgets to kill their opponents. Both of these guys have different moves, and you have to select the right ones to get the job done.

The Bodyguard twist on the storyline adds a level of expertise to the game, as you get to see the aftermath of an entire city getting wrecked thanks to some cannibals. The characters can break into houses and steal the valuable goods inside, which results in massive property destruction. The city’s curfew causes chaos everywhere, and people are forced to rely solely on stealing and hiding goods. The ultimate goal of the game is to keep your criminals away from the streets, while protecting the city from further destruction!

In addition, the Fat Guy version of the game comes with the ability to play as the notorious “Fatt” Guy, where you need to help him take down a number of bad guys before he can escape the game and continue his crime spree. The Fat Guy features a unique take on the typical side-scrolling platformer that made its debut on the Nintendo console many years ago. It features improved graphics, more challenging levels, a greater selection of weapons, and even a few special effects! A must for any hardcore fan of the genre!

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